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Finding yourself stranded outside your property, unable to get in is one of the dreaded scenarios you may be caught in. Even if you've not personally experienced it (hopefully never would), it's easy to imagine the horrible feeling of being locked out.

At Anytime Locksmiths Edgware, we are proud to provide the highest quality locksmith services in the UK. Many years of experience made us put ourselves in customers' shoes and see their real needs. It allowed us to provide a plethora of services to ensure top security for your home and business property.


The importance of a reliable locksmith is indispensable. Whether your need to rekey locks for your car or change locks for your home and business, we are your trusted partner. Typically, our locksmiths in Edgware offer you locksmith services and guarantee you the benefits.

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Lost your keys?
Did the previous owner leave no key for the backdoor?

Our locksmith Edgware Middlesex will be happy to assist you.


Our main goal is to retain our esteemed clients and attract new ones by consistently providing honest, reliable, and quality service. For more information, call us, Anytime Locksmiths Edgware, today to get a free estimate on 07723 582278!

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New lock installation.

With time and weather-related incidents locks wear and tear, and eventually need replacement. If you need to fit new locks, for whatever reasons, our locksmith in Edgware will install or replace your current damaged locks with the high-quality brands and British standard locks. If necessary, we will also have a door bolt, hind bold, or window bolts fitted to meet the requirement of your insurance. The extra security is a lifesaver in the event of a tragic incident.

Lock repairs.

If you are short of money or a minor repair is to be done to the locking mechanism, we can have a look into it. Old house with antique locks or windows or door handles can also benefit from our 100% guaranteed services. There are restrictions and regulations in our community regarding the total architectural appearance of the town. Sometimes you are not allowed to change the exterior of the building. We can renovate without destroying, which means the parts will keep their specifications as well as remain functional.

Emergency locksmith.

We avail opening services and 24/7 emergency lockout to businesses and homeowners enabling them to resume normalcy without any downtime.

Car locksmith.

Whether you've locked your keys in the car, lost or broken a key in the ignition, locksmith in Edgware can give you a replacement. The expert can inspect the locks in your vehicle, quickly open it in case of a car lockout when you have no possibility to drive or can't get to the service station.

Residential or commercial locksmithing.

Local locksmiths are knowledgeable about the most excellent types of locks in the market, and they can probably tell which one can meet your individual business and home security needs. At Anytime Locksmiths Edgware, we use the most reliable brands to help block access to your private building and other restricted areas.

Additional services.

For the security of your windows and doors, we have a variety of top brands in the market to choose from. The Edgware locksmiths that work with us are also certified and skilled in offering high tech security technology that will ensure additional protection to your home and business edifices.

Are you locked out?

Our locksmith Edgware Road is the expert in bailing you out of a lockout situation. Providing 24/7 emergency locksmith services, we'll come to your rescue without delays and pick your lock to let you in within minutes. We work with locks in a way that doesn't damage the lock, window, or door. If you want the lock replacement after the incident, we can do that too.

Specialized services.

Trusted locksmiths in Edgware, as we are, offer customized and simple or more complex locksmith solutions to boost the safety of your property. From remote security sensors to alarm systems, so can monitor and detect trespassers on your property.

Along with the interest in current criminal rates, residents of Edgware are concerned about the existence of the no pollution zone and make full use of eco transportation. Therefore, our vehicle experts offer some tips for active bike riders.

Bike Locks.

No matter how long you plan to leave your bike or where you park it, the first thing to do is fasten it. The lock should be in your bag. It is reasonable to buy 2-3 different bike locks. Thieves can handle with one, while others are still difficult to break.

A good purchase will be a quality U-shaped lock made of steel. The expensive hydraulic scissors are needed to cut it off. Some researches show that a thief spends 3 minutes to steal a bike on average. If he can't open the lock, he runs away. It's believed impossible to pick a good lock for that duration of time.

Lock the different parts of your bike. If it is fastened only by the handlebars or wheels, eventually you can see only these parts are left of your favourite transport. Use a chain to secure the frame and fix the wheel with a cable.

Not all locks provide the same level of security. Inexpensive mechanisms with thin ropes/cables and a code lock won't protect against a skilled hijacker. It is easy to cut the rope. The best option will be a chain lock. It is much harder to saw the chain without attracting the extra attention.

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